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Product information
Product: LED Light Magnifier BHM-03(yellow light)
Size: 85*55mm
Thickness: 2.3mm
Material: PVC
Groove pitch: 0.3mm
Focal length/Magnification: 3X
Price: $0.650
M.O.Q: 1000PCS
Note:FOB:SHANGHAI,excluding the print,ordering through internet.

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Use & Care Instructions The Lighted Pocket Magnifier goes wherever you go!It's compact size makes this product a handy travel accessory.This credit card size magnifier W/LED light comes with its own protective case,and fits anywhere a standard credit card would go;perfect in your purse or wallet.Ideal for reading menus in dimly lit restaurants,bills,cell phone screen,or anything that has small print. 3X Magnification strength To USD Can be used with or without the LED light,simply push and hold the white button located in the lower right corner inward and the LED light will shine. NOTE:Batteries that power the LED light are non-replaceable. TO CLEAN Simply wipe product with warm damp cloth ,wipe dry.DO NOT submerge product in water or use any household chemicals to clean it.

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