1. August 2008,We designed a multi-angle Fresnel lens which is used for solar energy development projects.Multi-angle Fresnel lens can be free from mobile sources such as solar effects,collect more light from multi-angle.
2. This lens contains one large magnifier and 40 wide angle lenses. Look or photograph through Multi Image Lens for 40 wonderful images. Apply MultiImage Lens on glass anywhere - display windows, shower doors, fish tank and mirrors for spectacular decorative effects. It can be easily cut by scissors.
3. Flat cylindrical lenses that condense or diffuse light in a linear direction. Suitable for diffusing a linear light source or for slit
collection, they are widely applied in linear light sources.
4. January 2009,We designed a Fresnel lens which is 1000¡Á1000mm and can be used in large solar energy development projects.