About Us

      Wuxi Bohai optics electronic instrument Co.,Ltd is a professional company that R & D and produce fresnel lens series products, the company has a R & D center of Fresnel lens,the center has a strong R & D strength, there are 6 national senior level engineers, 9 senior engineers, 20 technicians. The company has it’s own core processing technology of fresnel lens, its processing technology has reached the level of U-level, most domestic manufacturers are unable to reach the level. The company has a super-precision machining center that can create the largest diameter of 1600mm Fresnel lens, At present, there is only one company in china.

      Relying on technological expertise and manufacturing know how gained through decades of experience, we spare no effort in the discovery and application of ingenious ideas when developing and creating microscopic machined items. The satisfaction of our many customers magnifies our confidence in providing ideal solutions to your most demanding problems.

      We always challange innovative products creation. We try to satisfy customer needs and deliver the best products with the cutting-edge producing technologies.